Charles Ivey

Except for living a few years in southern California and the desert southwest Charles has spent his life in Tennessee, at either end of the state.  Charles has created art in just about every medium from welding steel to photography.  Charles works in encaustics. Encaustic painting is a centuries old technique where pigment is mixed with beeswax and a natural resin. The paint must be kept in a molten state until it is painted on the painting. Once applied, the paint must be fused with a blowtorch to permanently adhere it to the painting.

Charles is process driven and rarely has an idea of the final outcome when he starts a painting.  His process begins with applying paint to the board and then he “works” the surface through various techniques that he has discovered over the years.  This is where his work becomes truly unique.  The process that he uses is one of applying layers of paint and then removing certain aspects of the layers in order to finally reveal the finished piece.          

In his work, he focuses on textures and meshing of color in the finished pieces.  Charles states,  “The two things that excite me the most about my work are the colors and depth that I am able to create.”

Although Charles has a degree from The University of Memphis in Accounting, he has chosen art as his life’s calling.  His artwork has been sold to individuals all across the United States, and the world.

Charles Ivey currently lives in Memphis with his wife, son, and four dogs.


The Arts Company, Nashville, TN

Village Frame and Art, Memphis, TN

Permanet Collections

Pinnacle Bank, Nashville and Chattanooga TN

FirstBank, Nashville,TN

Memphis Planning and Wealth, Memphis, TN